• What's All This, Then?

    A MAGIC SHOP! Since it went so well last winter, we figured we'd reopen our humble little pop-up shop for a couple of weeks to coincide with the arrival of Spring and the release of our April Fool's Special. It will be active for 15 days only -- from 12am Eastern Standard Time on April 20th until 12am EST on May 5th (ie. when Tuesday, May 4th becomes Wednesday, May 5th. May the 4th be with you!). Then this shop will again vanish, unseen, behind the Caul...

    When Will My Order Be Placed?

    We're hoping to place all orders by Monday, May 10th. From there, it will be in our fulfillment service's hands to print and ship them off to all of you. If there is a delay in placing your order for any reason, we will send you an email directly.

    When Will My Items Arrive?

    Short answer: we can't tell you with 100% certainty but the expectation is you'll receive all your items by the middle of June at the latest.


    Longer answer: Shipping in a pandemic remains a messy business. We really like the fulfiller we're working with, but they have experienced delays in the past year because of COVID-19. We estimate each order should average around 2-3 weeks between when we place it and when it arrives at your door. But we do want to be upfront that those are our best estimates. Your mileage may vary.

    Do You Offer Rush Shipping?

    No, alas. We're stuck with standard shipping for everything, which is another reason why we're collecting pre-orders, and not holding the store open forever.

    What's Your Exchanges/Returns Policy?

    Because of our terms with our fulfillment company, we can only accept returns for misprinted/defective items. We cannot handle exchanges.


    If you do need to return a misprinted/broken item, please send a picture of the item and copy of your order to hello@lss.productions with the subject line UNSEEN STORE RETURN.

    I Can't Use Paypal Or Stripe. Can I Still Place An Order Via A Different Means?

    No, unfortunately. Unlike Barrow's, this store is very small and -- at the time of this writing, at least -- it has no money, so you can imagine the stress it's under. We cannot support any other payment methods.

    Some Of the Items From The Last Pop-Up Aren't Here. What Happened To Them?

    We kept our best-selling items from the last round, but decided we'd rather try out new designs than sell all the same things over again. When some things vanish, they stay gone for good. So if you see something you like, our advice is to buy it now, before it disappears...

    What About T-Shirts/Hoodies/Water Bottles/Other Merch Items?

    We may do another pop-up shop in the future, but for this round, what you see is what you get. Or, in any case, it's what you can purchase for as reasonable a sum as we could offer.


    If you have merch requests or designs of your own you'd like to run by us, hello@lss.productions is the email to send those to!