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    Cast and Crew



    Lisette Alvarez (they/them) is a storyteller, globetrotter, digital strategist, and magick-worker based in the Washington, DC area. Lisette is the creator and lead in the critically acclaimed urban fantasy podcast KALILA STORMFIRE'S ECONOMICAL MAGICK SERVICES and is the owner of the fiction podcast production company Stormfire Productions LLC. Their audio drama credits also include MAGIC KING DOM, CARAVAN, BLACK FRIDAY, and the upcoming season of STARTRIPPER!!. They have also done work in the nonfiction podcast realm, including digital strategy podcast THE FEEDBACK and the bilingual documentary podcast REBUILDING PEACE. You can learn more about Lisette and their work at lisettealvarez.com or follow them on Twitter @lisettewalking.


    Eli Barraza is a creator based in Los Angeles, with experience writing for stage, screen and audio. She entered the world of podcasts via the writer’s room for the time-travel conspiracy thriller ars PARADOXICA. She left it only to work towards something larger by co-founding the podcast collective The Whisperforge with that same team. Eli then launched her own show under The Whisperforge, THE FAR MERIDIAN. She has also written guest episodes for other podcasts, like the Chicago-based OUR FAIR CITY, MARSFALL, THE BRIGHT SESSIONS, and OUTLIERS: STORIES FROM THE EDGE OF HISTORY. When she’s not writing in whatever medium best fits her current idea, she climbs rocks, explores California and teaches astronomy at the Griffith Observatory. For more of Eli's work, visit THE FAR MERIDIAN's website or follow her on Twitter.


    Jordan is a New York City based actress, writer, and founder of two production companies -- Black Lace and Laser Beams, and No Such Thing Productions -- which focus on the development of new and innovative audio drama podcasts. Jordan works as head writer and producer for both companies, and she voices the characters of Harper Bennett and Dr. Natalya Atlas in Black Lace and Laser Beam’s action/adventure audio drama, HERE BE DRAGONS, Chel in No Such Thing Production’s sci-fi/horror limited series, JANUS DESCENDING, and Dr. Marella Morgan in the adventure thriller, PRIMORDIAL DEEP. For more of Jordan's work, visit her website or follow her on Twitter.


    Tom Crowley is best known as a series writer and core cast member of the Prix Europa-nominated podcast sitcom WOODEN OVERCOATS as the playwright behind the stage premiere of the Rocky Horror sequel, Shock Treatment. Recently he wrote the first episode of BBC Sounds/BBC Radio Wales anthology series MURMURS and has developed a new interactive audio adventure with Six to Start, the creators of ZOMBIES, RUN! His modernised stage adaptation of Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations was published by Methuen in 2017. As an actor he has been seen in The Royals (E!/Lionsgate) and has been heard in podcasts VICTORIOCITY, THE HARROWING (Fremantle), TOM NEENAN IS NOT ALL MEN (Somethin’ Else/BBC Sounds), and on BBC Radio 4 in ANKLE TAG and THE BEEF AND DAIRY NETWORK PODCAST. Tom also writes, performs and produces his own one-man sketch comedy podcast, CROWLEY TIME, WITH ME, TOM CROWLEY. For more of his work, visit his website.


    Beth Eyre is an award-winning London based actor. Best known for her role as Antigone Funn in WOODEN OVERCOATS, she has also appeared in THE MAGNUS ARCHIVES, WOLF 359, THE BEEF AND DAIRY NETWORK PODCAST, VICTORIOCITY, THE ONCE AND FUTURE NERD, THE ORPHANS, CIRCLES, THE WHITE VAULT: ILUKA, and EAVESDROPPER on BBC Radio 4. Beth is the co-founder of theatre company Joyous Guard and runs female-led theatre company Snatchback. She has also narrated many audiobooks. For more of her work, follow her on Twitter.


    Dottie James was born in 1996 and began fictionalising the world around her shortly afterwards. She began her journey into the written word by making online videos of her original poetry and has since developed an episodic novel set to release online late 2020. James is represented by Conville & Walsh literary agency and is currently working on her first novel. Podcast fans may also know Dottie as Mike Schubert's long-term British Correspondent on POTTERLESS. She also co-hosts the new podcast THE WORST MOVIES EVER, PROBABLY. Check out Dottie's Youtube channel, or follow her on Twitter and Instagram.


    Karim Kronfli is an actor and director who has frequently appeared in audio fiction series such as THE MAGNUS ARCHIVES, WHAT'S THE FREQUENCY, A SCOTTISH PODCAST, and KALILA STORMFIRE'S ECONOMICAL MAGICK SERVICES. For more about Karim and his work, check out his Twitter.


    Cecilia Lynn-Jacobs does the art thing, usually dancing or acting. She’s known for her role as Captain Lovelace on WOLF 359. She also teaches clown with Zara Aina, makes a mean brisket, and writes songs or makes dance videos. She has worked on projects with Andrew Schneider, Jamie Poskin, and MTV. Her latest venture, OH CELINE!, is an ongoing multimedia performance created in collaboration with Kate Ladenheim, artistic director of the People Movers. Follow her on instagram for upcoming performances, granola making, and the occasional kitten rescue.


    Julia Morizawa is a Los Angeles based actor with 20+ years experience in film, television, theatre, and web series, including 5+ years experience in voice-over and narrative podcasts. She is a member of SAG-AFTRA and Equity, and is represented by Kings Highway Entertainment. Career highlights include the feature films Judas Kiss and Tied Up; TV appearances on Scandal and SEAL Team; the title role in East West Players' production of Masha No Home; series regular roles on the web series Star Trek: Odyssey and Galactic Galaxy; and the lead role in the fiction podcast THE BRIGHT SESSIONS. Her other audio credits include THE AM ARCHIVES, THE AMELIA PROJECT, THE BIG LOOP, EOS 10, SUPER ORDINARY, and WOLF 359. For more about her work, you can visit Julia's website or follow her on Twitter. You can also support her latest project, the animated short film Dragonfly, by following it on Seed & Spark.


    Emma is a voice actor best known for her portrayal of Renée Minkowski on WOLF 359. You can hear her in over a dozen other audio dramas, including ZERO HOURS, ars PARADOXICA, HIT THE BRICKS, SIGNED, VENUS, THIRTEEN, and ARDEN. She also does Audiobook Narration, and you can purchase her first Audiobook SHADOWBORN by Moira Katson wherever you can find audiobooks. On the side she works in the wine industry and hosts and produces PAIRING, a podcast about pairing wine with art and pop culture. Check out her website and follow her on Twitter and Instagram for updates on her work, and lots of pictures of her cats.


    Julian Silver is an actor and a writer based in Los Angeles. As an actor, he's appeared on shows like GREY'S ANATOMY and JANE THE VIRGIN. With his writing partner Reiss, he has a feature project set up at Amazon, another at Makeready with Jennifer Lawrence attached to star and produce, and the last with K Period for Chris Messina to direct. Their script FIELD OF VIEW was ranked #2 on the Black List, and has Cynthia Erivo attached to star and Lena Waithe attached to produce. Before that, they wrote for two years on SEAL TEAM (CBS) and sold an original sci-fi pilot to Hulu and CBS Studios.


    Felix Trench is an actor from London. In audio drama, he is a regular cast member of WOODEN OVERCOATS and ZOMBIES, RUN (iOS/Android). Other credits include THE AM ARCHIVES, VICTORIOCITY, HELLO FROM THE MAGIC TAVERN, THE ORPHANS, THE ONCE AND FUTURE NERD, and QUID PRO EURO, which he also writes. Screen includes Doctors (BBC), Hollyoaks (Channel 4), and commercials. Stage includes work in venues across London. Most recently, he can also be seen in his weekly online trivia quiz show. For more of his work, visit Felix's website, or follow him on Twitter.


    Leo Wan's recent work in theatre includes The Taming of the Shrew and As You Like It for the RSC; The Great Wave at the National Theatre; Shakespeare Within the Abbey, Sonnet Walks for Shakespeare's Globe; and Forgotten 遗忘 and Tamburlaine at the Arcola Theatre. TV includes Phoebe Waller Bridge's Crashing. Radio includes Peking Noir, Death at the Airport, Lights, Camera, Kidnap!, Look Who's Back, The Archers, Charles Paris and Tracks. He received the Norman Beaton Fellowship and joined the BBC Radio Drama Company in 2015.


    Actress/producer Mary Kate starred as Lydia Bennet in the Emmy Award-winning, groundbreaking webseries THE LIZZIE BENNET DIARIES, and her combined digital projects boast over 100 million views and nearly one million dollars in successful kickstarters. She is a member of Shipwrecked Comedy, with which she has produced and starred in the acclaimed series EDGAR ALLAN POE'S MURDER MYSTERY DINNER PARTY, along with many other shorts and sketches. She recently began releasing her ANNE OF GREEN GABLES radio play project, which she originally created for her robust Patreon audience, as a podcast. She also stars in the new multi-media series THE WAYWARD GUIDE FOR THE UNTRAINED EYE, alongside Sean Astin and Darren Criss. For more of Mary Kate's work, visit her website or follow her on Twitter.