• What's All This, Then?

    We hath heard the calls throughout the lands, and we hath seen the desire of the people, and thus we hath bought like 70 pins and we intendeth to sell them unto you.


    Sorry, that was weird. But pins! We have a very limited supply of Unseen pins based on Mikaela Buckley's incredible logo design, so we figured we'd release them now to coincide with the last Unseen special of Season 1.


    We're running this pre-order sale until midnight, East Coast time, on July 31st or until supplies run out, whichever happens first.

    Why Is There A Limited Supply?

    We're not made of money, Michael.

    Where Are You Shipping To?

    We are not working with a fulfillment service on these -- it's just us taking pins to the post office -- so we are limiting shipping for this run of pins to the US and Canada only.


    If you live outside of those countries, we're super sorry. Hopefully we'll do this again and be able to organize a wider shipping area. Make a friend in the US or Canada who wouldn't mind you using their address. Canadians are super nice, in our experience.

    When Will My Order Arrive?

    Short answer: we can't tell you with 100% certainty but the expectation is you'll receive all your pins by the middle of August at the latest.


    Longer answer: Shipping in a pandemic remains a messy business. We're getting the bulk order of pins shipped directly to us in New York, and our goal is to very quickly turn them around and get them mailed out to all of you by the end of July. However we're all about managing expectations here at the Unseen Pop Up Shop, so we want to stress we expect pins to arrive at their shipping destinations in August. But those are our best estimates. The actual mileage may vary.

    What's Your Exchanges/Returns Policy?

    We can only accept returns for misprinted/defective items. We cannot handle exchanges.


    If you do need to return a misprinted/broken item, please send a picture of the item and copy of your order to hello@lss.productions with the subject line UNSEEN STORE RETURN.

    I Can't Use Paypal Or Stripe. Can I Still Place An Order Via A Different Means?

    No, unfortunately. Unlike Barrow's, this store is very small and -- at the time of this writing, at least -- it has no money, so you can imagine the stress it's under. We cannot support any other payment methods.

    What About T-Shirts/Hoodies/Water Bottles/Other Merch Items?

    We may do another pop-up shop in the future, but for this round, what you see is what you get. Or, in any case, it's what you can purchase for as reasonable a sum as we could offer.


    If you have merch requests or designs of your own you'd like to run by us, hello@lss.productions is the email to send those to!